Disposables. Redistribution. Value-Added.

D.R.V. emerged from more than 15 year experience in disposables distribution combined with international logistics capabilities. We bridge the gap between large manufacturers and smaller distributors, merging the buying power of a large company with the accommodating customer service. Our business philosophy is reflected in our name, which stands for Disposables. Redistribution. Value-Added.

Why work with DRV?

  • Access to the most comprehensive product range from all over the world. We work with leading international as well as local brands and use our buying power and logistics expertise to make sure that our product offer is the best, effectively priced and always in stock. This means that you do not have to deal with customs and currency rates to get value gloves from China or exclusive food packaging from Belgium. We deal with that and you can concentrate on what matters most – serving your customers.
  • Economy of Scale of a large company with flexibility of an independent entrepreneur. Through our strong position in the industry and excellent logistics capabilities, we’re able to increase your turnover ratio by allowing companies to order in quantities that work for them and arrive when needed, while never having to worry about out-of-stock situations. That means that you will be able to do more sales using less capital.
  • We help our clients to increase their market share and profitability through training and marketing support. For instance, if you have never worked with cleaning industry, we will help you to enter the market by training your sales representatives and providing promotional tools. If you need more customers we will help you to promote your business via Internet. This means that your business will get additional boost for growth.